Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Company Page on LinkedIn: What are the Benefits?

LinkedIn recently introduced company pages and it seems that this feature has been overlooked by many businesses, especially the smaller ones. I think the reason for this is because LinkedIn was originally set up for professional profiles to help people to get jobs at companies in the area where they live, working from home, in another state or even in another country. It was designed more with the employee in mind rather than the entrepreneur. That is changing. LinkedIn is still set up ideally for the employee and employer or potential employer relationship, but it is slowly becoming more and more geared towards the entrepreneur as well. They are recognizing that times have changed with more people starting their own businesses or maintaining their full-time careers and starting businesses on the side.

I also believe that LinkedIn wants to improve its branding and marketing abilities as well as its search engine optimization to compete with Facebook and other social media related sites. I think the main benefit of having a company page on LinkedIn is that you stand out as someone who is a business owner and not just a freelancer who is out there looking for work. The company page gives you the ability to upload your logo, give specific information about your services, request recommendations from your customers and post jobs that are available at your company. Each time someone follows your company or recommends your company and its services, their actions and comments are posted to the LinkedIn newsfeed which is visible to all your connections at various levels. This definitely helps to increase the awareness of your company and what it has to offer.

The company page also has an Analytics feature so you and your connections can see who has been looking at your page and how many page views your page has received on specific parts of your page. This information is very useful in determining how your "audience" or "connections" view your company and it provides an indication of what their interest level is in each area. Other features include a link to your blog and your web site both of which assist in improving your SEO and keeping you on the first page of Google.

To summarize, creating a company page on LinkedIn is a very strategic way to promote your company as well as your personal brand in the Business to Business and Fortune 500 online environment that exists on LinkedIn. One last point is that once you create your company page, LinkedIn pulls the employees that have listed the company as an employer and provides a link to those pages which are LinkedIn to even more connections giving your company even more visibility.

For an example of how a company page looks, please go to the link below to check out my company page and feel free to contact me if you would like me to create one for your company. I can also add it to your current social media services package if you are already one of my customers. Thank you. Becky Brooks, Professional Writing Services, 407-738-8445, email:


  1. Becky, I didn't realize that I could put my Indianapolis, IN real estate business on LinkedIN. Thanks for the information.

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  4. Nice post Becky, i have a LinkedIn Account i guess i must look into it more and see exactly what it can do for my social media presence. Do you know if your activity there helps your Klout Score?

    regards Dexterroona (Google Plus Engagement Blog Club)

  5. What is best, linkedin or FB for social marketing?


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