Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To Earn Money Using Social Media

If you want to earn money for your business using social media or even find a job using it, you need to know what type of social media is best for you to use. For example, if you are looking for work as an engineer, the chances of you landing a position with your profile and resume posted on Facebook are almost slim to none, because Facebook has mostly small companies on it. Large companies are on there, but they are using the tool on a much higher level.

However, if you post your resume on LinkedIn and connect to people from your previous jobs and also get recommendations from your past employers, you are very likely to get noticed and possibly even get a job through one of your contacts or their contacts. Even Monster has a place for you to post your picture on your profile, so our traditional job boards are becoming more like social media every day.

If you are in retail, Facebook can be a goldmine and so can Twitter. You simply connect to all of the people in your neighborhood, dog group, Chamber of Commerce, women's professional group, church affiliation group and anyplace else where there are people who will either buy your products or tell people about them. All you have to do is create a professional profile for yourself and a fan page, then start interacting with people you know online to build relationships with the people in your community. Later, you can post pictures of your products on your fan page and introduce your business to your friends. You can use Twitter to send tweets out to your friends and their friends about your sales, especially if you own a local retail store. If you sell things online, you can do the same thing only expand it further by drawing attention to the "shopping cart" on your web site thru the use of your fan page. Just don't blast them with your sales stuff first or you will lose them!

If you provide a service rather than a product, you may find yourself using all three. You can use Facebook to set up a professional profile that tells a lot about you and a little about your services and create a fan page that tells more about your business. You also can emphasize the benefits of your services in your profile or fan page to draw people to your web site. LinkedIn is great for consultants or businesses that offer services and there are tons of groups on LinkedIn that are specific to the services you provide. These groups are great to share industry knowledge, network and get referrals from. You can use Twitter to interact with people who may need your services and post special offers in the form of "tweets" to your audience of followers.

For more information on how to set up, maintain and build your business online, please contact me at profwritingservices@yahoo.com or 407-738-8445 for a consultation. Thank you, Becky Lynn Brooks, Social Media Marketing Expert.


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